About Me


Im a professional wedding & commercial photographer based in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. “People Photography” is definitely my passion. I love the interaction with the subject and the collaborative process involved in making an image. Its not just about my vision but the subjects personality that really makes and photo come to life. Weddings really are the ultimate when it comes to people photography... 150 different personalties running around the place, children, parents and grandparents and a few mad uncles to boot. Then of course you have the wedding couple who have waited their whole life for this day. Its and emotional day no doubt, but the love the in room always makes sure that any tears you see are tears of happiness. I try to keep the wedding party calm and relaxed throughout your wedding day. Things can get a bit out of control from time to time but it always works out in the end.


Commercial photography is another love of mine. Since graduating from the Galway Business school in Sales & Marketing, I've gained a new insight into how powerful imagery can be for your businesses, “if harnessed correctly” in day to day operations. Content for your social media accounts is now paramount for your business to stay relevant these days. Whether its a print campaign for a billboard or a smaller advertisement for a national magazine or local newspaper, I'm here to help you every step of the way.

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Personal Projects

Personal projects on Galway city are a big part of my work and often they are the images I’m most proud of. During the festival season in Galway, the city comes alive like nothing else I’ve seen across Europe and if you are a people photographer there is no better place to be. Street performance art is something that i love capturing! There are no second chances so it keeps you on your toes. These photos are an attempt to capture that feel during the festival season in Galway.

“Inspiration isn’t hard to find in a part of the country thats internationally renowned for its culture and scenery and just looking through some of his images its easy to see that Galway and its people have a impact on his vision” - Reg Gordon -Artis4All